Weather This Year!

I think the weather this year has been amazing. Not neccessarily a good amazing at that though. Hot and dry in places for long amounts of time, while others are drenched in amazing amounts of water. Surely just as they speak of ways to get fresh water into the Dead Sea in Israel, you’d think someone could think of a way to funnel all the excess water on the East Coast or other places who have too much water into Texas where we need it desparately.  
The Day was a bit cooler than the 110’s we’ve been experiening and of course this evening dark clouds hinting of moisture came this evening close enough for us to imagine we might see or feel a drop. But no, they sat right across the Red River letting us feel the cool breeze and taunting us with invitations of relief, but not coming close enough to wet our ground!
Feast or famine as they say as last Winter and the Winter before we had a couple of periods of  amounts of Snowfall which most of us in this town don’t remember before in our lifetime. Wonder if we’ll see that again in direct opposition to the dryness we’ve this Summer. If so, God help us all!
I suppose we could count our blessing as at least it wasn’t up to the rooftops as some places in the country are so used to.
Well, at least we haven’t had earthquakes and Walls of water that have plaqued other Countries. See, there is always something to be thankful for!
Lord, may I always be thankful even in times of distress as I am in times of Blessing.

About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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