What?! You mean “I’m not an interesting” subject!

Did I get your attention with that one? Lol! Somewhere I read that for you to have an interesting Blog one should come up with stuff of benefit to others instead of focusing on oneself. Hum, hope I don’t break that rule but perhaps some of my experience in life just might happen to benefit someone else! I’m middle of the road in age after all!

Besides, if I get too boring I’m sure there is no end of the internet, even if some sites claim there are. You know the ones ” You’ve reached the end of the Internet, go back now!” Don’t worry, I found that one to be rather humorous as well. 🙂 Kudos to whoever it was who came up with it.

Actually, I’m really hoping to NOT bore you with myself as I certainly get bored with myself just as well, but just a word as to who I am.

First, I am a Christian. Not knowing how one takes that to be, what it is to me is that I’m a human with moles, faults and all and who works at making a living just like anyone else. Just a plain human who laughs, is happy, cries and loves. Someone who gets angry, has pain and causes pain, thinks of others and also thinks of oneself as well.  The thing that makes me a Christian is I’m also a human who was dead, thinking I was alive. A stranger to a God, Who made the human race and Who loved me even though I could never meet acceptable requirements for a life outside of this one when the grave calls as it does for all.

Yes, God says there is a life outside of this one and He calls us to it if we could just get away and outside of our selfish being and see that there is One Who loves us so much, even in all our human-ness, that He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ to die for me and for everyone so we could live that life He offers us and all who have ever been born. All He asks is that I believe and trust Him with the all and everything of my life, and to know that He also rose up from the dead so that I too could rise from the deadness of my life without God, to a life with God, that is eternal, neverending. Am I holier than thou? No, just a human like everyone else who needed a God we didn’t know we needed. He found me.

Anyway, just like any other human, the night draws deeper still and I’m tired from a day of work, so off to retire I am, hoping I’ve at least drawn your curiousity and that you will return. Blessing to you and Goodnite.


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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