Not always a Good Day (even for Christians)

Even Christians don’t always have good days. Remember, we are still human. Nothing makes Christians less human than any other. Even though we are in the world and we are not of the world, that is talking about a system, not about if we had a good day or not.

For instance, I had to get another tooth pulled today and as if I weren’t lovely enough it just had  to be one on the bottom smack dab in the middle.  Makes me talk kinda funny at that. Well, you’d just have to have been there.

Ok, well besides that I get thirsty, really thirsty. Oh, not for water this time but for the Word of God. Let me explain, someone who loves God and His Son really love reading His Word. That’s  the Bible. We sometimes get in the habit of starting at the very first and read until one day we reach the end. If we read every day as in a story the Word comes alive and God talks to us.  These are times of well watering. If we drift off our habit of reading and go along for a while without it, we can get very thirsty. We need, crave it. My friend today I’m very thirsty.

Lord, help me make more time for Your Word and less time for worldly things.


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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