Alert: I’m a Bible Prophecy Buff!

    Yes, I am a Bible Prophecy Buff. Always have been even since pre-teen days. I wasn’t very educated at that time of course, being a mere child. In fact, an event that stands even now clearly in my mind is when I was what was called a peewee football cheerleader. Remembering the time, it was early evening at the game. A full moon was just appearing over the horizon and it just happened to be a blood red color. I had in my early life at that point enough sermons in my head to know that if there was a blood red moon that it had to be the end of the world, as that was a passage from Revelation.

    Well, that happening certainly had us girls all a twitter that we couldn’t concentrate much on cheering. All of a sudden the somewhat warm night had turned chill. Of course, as we know that was not the end! I’m still here and so are you. I won’t bore you with how many ages ago that was!

    Seriously though, I’ve never lost awe of the facts of the signs of the end and Christian views on it. I have more educated facts on it now that I didn’t have then and in case you may be interested:


    • I believe the Church, in this current time of grace, is made up of all (Jew or Gentile) who have trusted that Jesus Christ saved them.

    • I believe in a rapture (or a departing from the world) of the Church BEFORE the 70th Week begins.

    • I believe in a Pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church. (Although I prefer to call the tribulation as the 70th week of Daniel.)

    • I believe regarding end-time events, the Church of Jesus Christ is different than Israel. The Church is the Church and Israel is Israel

    • I also believe there will be a literal 1000 year period of time, after the 70th week of Daniel, when Jesus Christ has returned and will reign during that time period of 1000 yrs, before the final judgment and eternity begins.

      Speaking of, I read the Bible literally. No, not wooden literal but literal such as one reads and communicates words every day in plain language structure and such.

      I love Bible Prophecy! Jesus is coming back one day, one way or the other, He will return to the earth He created. Yes I know, the subject is very controversial, even among Christians but it is true and it is going to happen and maybe soon! Just sayin!


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      Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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      2 Responses to Alert: I’m a Bible Prophecy Buff!

      1. Yes, Jesus will be returning. When He does, the church will be gathered, or taken. I could not find the word “rapture” any where in the Bible, but “gathered, gathering, and taken are the words used for when Jesus takes us away from this world. Thanks for sharing. Connie

        • tammy4christ says:

          In regards to the word “rapture” it comes from the Latin word rapturo, which is a translation of the Greek verb “caught up” that’s found in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, if I’m not mistaken.
          Regardless you are correct weither it is departure, caught up or rapture the Lord will come for His Church.
          Thanks for stopping by and bless you.

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