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Ok, I admit it. As a Christian I wanted to write about the pros  and cons of the Christmas Season. I wanted to write about my growing convictions of why a Christian should no longer celebrate Christmas the way we do, pagan Holiday etc, etc, etc.

But being human, I’ve changed my mind. I’d like to write about Christmas in honor and memory of my late Dad.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, we were poor. Back then supporting 5 kids was nothing to sneeze at. Not to mention also supporting mom and her mom as well and we all lived in the same house that was falling apart.

We lived in my Grandmothers house and Mom didn’t work because that’s the way it was back then. Good Moms stayed home raising the kids ( She didn’t drive either), while Dad supported the family.

Dad was a War Veteran, Carpenter and Welder. He was known to work in coffee houses when welding had just about ruined his eyes.

But Dad was a big fan of Christmas. Though our little house too small for all of us and was falling apart if it wasn’t for Dad’s carpentry skills with what little material he could afford, you would have thought it was the White House with the decorating for Christmas that he always did. I mean, Dad did Christmas Big!

Rolls of red and green crepe paper abounded at Christmas and the creations he made with those rolls in the living room were most extravagant. Pretty handmade bells or something, like a big chandelier in the center of the ceiling with ribbons stringing from it to every corner of the room. Green garland surrounding the ceiling and down the corners as wells as outlining the windows. it was always something different every year. And we must not forget the snow in the can used to make stars and Santa on every window.

There was always candy everywhere. Candy canes on the tree, candy canes on a string along with a stocking for each person, filled with the ribbon candy and nuts he loved so much. There was always a tree, that shined and glittered, flocked with that same can of snow. As Dad’s health declined the real tree was replaced by an alumium tree but he’d do it up right as well. Presents never appeared under that tree until precisely Christmas morning either.

I don’t remember much about the outside decorating but there were always lights somewhere.

My dad made a lot of our presents. Being a welder, I bet we were the only kids that had their own round water ride with the little boats you ride in that went round and round with the little bells you rang. A smaller version of the ones they used to have at amusement parks.

My Dad also got help at the time from the Salvation Army. I still remember the big Christmas we had once, waking up to almost a room full of presents. We didn’t have much money, but my Dad loved us and did what he could to take care of us. I never remember him asking much in return except that we mind our mom. If Dad had to discipline us for not minding our mom, you knew you were in trouble. That rarely happened though because we learned to respect our Dad and it rarely got that far.

I love you Dad. I’m just so sorry I didn’t appreciate you enough while you were still here.


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Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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