I cannot end a day without speaking of Jesus Christ

Hello blog,
When at the end of the day I cannot think of anything to say, I must end it by saying something about my Lord Jesus Christ.

Sinner, do not let one more minute of your life go by without looking up and considering the true claims of Jesus Christ.

He is God, He is Saviour of the World for all who believe in Him.

He paid a price for sinners like you and me and that price was His life.

We have no life without Him. We are dead without Him and remain so if we do not believe and partake of His eternal life that He gives to those who repent and believe in Him.

Ah, friend, He loves us so. Please give the One who created you and loves you so the chance to save you. He desires to do so. Don’t remain dead in Sin when He can give you life.

If all you can do is ask Him, please do. He will hear you.

Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing me and saving me and giving me eternal life in You forever.

I never have to be afraid to die again.

Please call on Him. You will never regret it.

My Jewish friends, please do the same. He is your Messiah. Don’t take my word for it, investigate His claims.


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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