Death comes to all.


We all die. As adults we think we should somehow be

guaranteed a full, long life. But yet, just who says so?

Shouldn’t it be not how long but how we live that counts? We

hear it over and over but why does it not sink in? Instead we

worry and run to and fro trying everything to stay well and

not die?

Sorry to be so sad but when you hear of a young life of 12 fighting bravely against cancer and then losing, it makes you think. Not only did they fight but they also made every day worth living. Here I am over 50 wondering why I’m losing more weight than I need to without doing a thing. Is it the C word? I don’t think so, but worrying about it will not make a black hair white. After all, I’ve had 50 + years. What have I done to make it worth it? Why do we wait until we have a crisis to really live? Are humans just like that? Does the world system hold us back? It shouldn’t right? The Bible says:”We are in the world, not of it”.

Babies die before they live, 12 year olds die, I have 50+ years, who am I to complain? Even though the Lord should call me home tomorrow or in a year or more. I have no gripe. Just sayin


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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