Vacation: I thought that surely I’d find a day to be creative!

Well, Vacation day 2 and still haven’t had time to sit and think creatively or find something godly or edifying to say or report. I’ve just got to get back online with my Lord Jesus Christ. (That’s computer speak for bible study and prayer). I’ve noticed a few nice folks who’ve taken the time to follow me and take notice of something I say (for which I’m grateful) and I get to see who else is out there and I can follow theirs. LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEE It.

But, of course that puts pressure on me to be hummm creative. Ok, so I’m not very creative but I’m for real. No putting on an act here. I’m me and nobody else.

I don’t always feel like a Christian, nor do I feel like I act like a Christian, but I know I am 100% and I know where I’m spending eternity. Not on any merit of my own, not because I’m sweet and neat and giving or kind, nor is it because I have lots of good works behind my name. It is all on the merit of my Lord Jesus Christ. His perfect life and sacrifice for me. If I ever do anything that even look like (good) and it is then believe me it is not me. It would be Jesus Christ doing the work.

See, that’s the way it works. No one is good, no, not one. Not even me! Jesus Christ came into the world to save the chief of Sinners of which I was one.

Notice the word “was”? Yep, Once I was blind but now I see. (I’m feeling the creativity now). When I just think of the goodness of God, I rejoice! Once I was an idolater, once I was covetous, once I was a drunkard and a reviler. But NO MORE, for I have been washed, I have been sanctified, I am justified. Not because I changed, not  because I did good works but BECAUSE  I have been washed in the precious blood of the Lamb of God. I have been justified of my crimes in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. None of me, but all of Him by faith.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel and my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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