Tend to forget how well I am until

I’ve got to remember to be grateful to God every day regardless of anything! I’ve really taken for granted just how well I am most of the year, until I get sick! That is exactly what I did. Woke up without much hearing in one ear along with buzzing, hissing. Went to the doctor and it turned out to wax covering ear drum and redness. Got the antibiotics yet things went downhill from there. Nose running. Couple of days later, still hard to hear, sore throat. Couple days later, lost voice, got nagging cough,etc

7 days later, still a cough, hearing better, less ringing, but still hearing not up to par yet. All that may not seem so bad to some, but I thought I was gonna die! Well, maybe not that bad, but it did freak me out so I guess I feel well more days of the year than I think. LOL

Remember to  Praise the Lord for every day  you even feel half way healthy! Some folks deal with critical illness most days of their lives.


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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