After Grace comes Faith after Faith comes Grace

Ah, the Amazing Grace of God. To receive from God Almighty what we do not deserve just for the asking. A gift to be received from Him Who gives only good things. Do you believe?!

The more I know about grace, the less I know.  I love you Lord Jesus. The other day I finally got a glimpse of feeling the love You have for the unsaved. Though their sins are filthy, You can make them white as snow. These people are lost without You and don’t even know it. They go through life with the same relationships and trials of this world that I have and yet I am different. I have a Savior, they do not. I have been forgiven, they are not. My mind unwrapped itself from their lifestyles and sinful living and saw them as Jesus does. People who need Him. People who are loved by Him. People Jesus wants to help, wants to save and yet they don’t care. Oh, how much He loves them and yet they have no trouble turning from the Only One Who can give them life. How sad.


About tammy4christ

Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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