Faith and Salvation, my story continues


Alas, I had the second part all typed out and lost it once again in internet never, never land, so I try to continue again even though the one I lost was much better. 🙂

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, salvation as a pre-teen. After I was baptised in the Baptist Church, I continued to attend for awhile until some time after we moved back into my Grandmothers house with her. My teen years started off with the wrong friends, wrong actions and wrong everything. I was a teenager in the 70’s hippie generation. I grew rebellious and disobedient to parents. I smoked tobacco and the weed of the day, learning how to party, drink and of course as most teens learn about sexual activity as I did too.

At 17, I left school at the end of the 11th grade and married (against my parents wishes) thankfully though to the man to whom I’ve been married to for 37 yrs despite the rocky road. I had 2 children, one in my twenties and one 6 yrs later. We continued the lifestyle of drink, parties, music and dope after we got married. Thanks to God though I didn’t like any of it enough to become an addict of any of those things, except for tobacco, a plague I still have to this day. A plague that has a part in story later.

Despite all of this, if anyone brought about the subject of the Bible, I didn’t shy away from it and didn’t mind talking about it. I was always quick to discuss end-time subjects, even with my lack of a lot of knowledge on the subject. I’ve always been drawn to the subject as long as I can remember. An event I remember the year I accepted Jesus, was one evening when as a 5th grade cheerleader, there was a full blood red moon. It didn’t take but a minute for we girls to wonder if the end of all had come.

One day, a couple of years after the birth of my first son, my husband and I were in our yard, when a woman who later became my Sunday School teacher and still my friend, invited us to the neighborhood Baptist Church she attended. After persuading a couple of friends to go with us the next journey of my life began. I loved church and though we continued our partying lifestyle it wasn’t long before I tried to be at church every time the doors where open. God begin to tug at my heart. You know, when you live a lifestyle contrary to the 10 commandments its funny how you begin to feel guilt and encounter a list of do’s and don’t that you end up trying to live up to when you know you can’t. Oh sure, I quit the drinking, partying and illegal stuff and went to church but for many years there was still something that wasn’t quite right. I’d like to start there, with that uneasy feeling of guilt that seemed to aways be there, even though I’d heard the message of grace through faith and salvation thereby many, many times. I’d like to relate to you the first many years of my marriage that was bringing me closer to my crisis of faith. Please stay with me and read my next post as I continue. ( I don’t want to lose this one too although, my first copy was better. ) Stay tuned.


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Middle aged Grandmother, working in Retail, living for Christ.
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