One of those Blessings in disguise. Uh, I believe the term is “Grandchildren!”.Sometimes I just have to ask “God, what have You done?!. No, I’m literally asking God the question. Let me explain.

Yes, Lord I KNOW I haven’t felt as if I’ve been very useful to You. I’m not a missionary, a teacher of Your Word. I’m not a Pastor nor do I even go to a physical church. Yes, I’ve felt unworthy as I go about my day, not having even told one person about You. I know I don’t give to others as I should nor do I read Your Word a lot as I desire to do. I’m not always even very friendly sometimes and usually I feel as if I’m very selfish.

And, I’m finding out, what is the Lord’s answer to this? A very special grandchild!

But Lord, You know I had a hard time raising my own kids, You know I’m disappointed with the outcome. You know my heart is broken because they don’t know nor serve You. You know I danced with relief when they left home to start their own lives. You know how I relished that sense of freedom….umm ok so it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. I get up, and go to work every day, just to cook, wash dishes and clothes, go to bed and get up to do the same thing all over again and again. But, I thought I was happy. Freedom, remember? Having time to make time just for myself. To do what I want when I want, without worry of babysitters, homework and bedtime.

But I love my freedom. Really? Do I really? So, what is God’s answer? A Grandchild! I’ve by no active choice on my part become one of the thousands, maybe millions of Grandparents who have found themselves raising a child AGAIN, their grandchildren, long after their own kids are grown.

So, that’s it! That’s the answer. Now, I’m doing something for God. I’ve gotten another chance to raise godly children. I’ve become a bible teacher of one. I’ve become a missionary to one. You can’t be selfish when a child needs you. I’m the church she probably would never have a chance to be a part of much less know about if she wasn’t living here. I’ve become a giver. You always give when you have a child. In doing so, she has the chance to know what love is and to feel loved. What better way for her to learn to read than an introduction to Your Word. And Lord, she loves you!

What have You done, God?! I think I know what You have done.

God always answers Prayer, just be sure you really mean what you’re asking for.


So..are we done for the Day?


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